Phew, all done and dusted for the NST Big Day Out

And breathe…

So my first official ‘Outing’ as Team NST (Yes, me and the OH, him resplendent in his NST T Shirt and hangover, me similarly attired and woozy – not sure WHY we thought going into the village for ‘a couple’ was a good idea but once I had the first one the plan was scuppered anyhow) has been completed and it was great fun. We were at the NCT ‘Big Weekend’ annual conference and whilst I was running baby massage workshops and networking like mad with all the other lovely stall holders and the great and the good from the NCT, Adam was doing his bit ‘front of house’ chatting to the mums and babies, and other exhibitors. Have to say the high point had to be the ‘Wine Down’ – how fab – after all the speakers had finished the NCT gave out free wine, nibbles and had a live band on. The perfect end to the day! It was SO good being out there, teaching the workshops, talking to mums and dads, and getting a really great reception for the DVD and the digital delivery concept.

I had very productive meetings with a few people and tomorrow I will be following them all up.

Happy Days. Next stop Brighton for the Baby Expo at the end of June.

Found this fab blog today…check it out


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