I want one, that is all


Yay! I have moved already!

This is my new address it’s kind of cute. And it was so easy to do via WP so its all done.

Now to get down to some serious blogging

Its NOT going to be all about work any more, nor all about my personal life, its just going to be random, because that’s how I feel at the moment!

And (whisper) none of my friends and family will be reading this any more so I can be a bit more free and easy with what I talk about!


Not only did I get in using my password, but I’m amazed to see my little blog is still here. I am going to move shortly, to a sparkly new domain. My life has changed beyond all recognition, I hardly even recognise some of these posts – is this a good or a bad thing? I don’t know. I know from my stats I’m just kinda typing to myself though – and that, I think, is a good thing right now 🙂

Helen x


OMG I’m a bad blogger – to be honest the reason is my wordpress app has broken on my iPhone 😦 – so lazy old me has to be at home, upstairs, on the PC to actually blog – harumph seems like a serious effort when you’re used to blogging in the queue for a butty or waiting at the dentist…

So that my excuse – and what’s my excuse for suddenly decided to blog? – well the most exciting thing in my whole blogging career has just happened to me…

In amongst the zillion google alerts, internet marketing ezines, offers from saudi princes to deposit money in my bank and the ever recurring ‘there’s a problem with your credit card’ emails, lay a diamond twinkling up at me entitled ‘blog request/experience’. ‘Meh’ I thought – something to do with someone wanting a blog, having a blog or writing a blog – and frankly it is plain to see blogging hasn’t been on the highest of agendas…

Oh no, I was SO wrong! It was a beautiful, lovely and amazing woman asking me (yes ME!) if I would be interested in blogging about something they were offering at – and those magic words…

‘…and as a working Mum, would love to offer you a pamper or beauty day that you can review on your blog….’

and then the no brainer…

Would you be interested in this?

Well to say it’s made my day would be an understatement. I had to leave my car at the petrol station so i could go and get a fiver from work (luckily next door) as my card was declined for a tenners worth of fuel (well that will happen when you are £2.00CR in your bank account) and well, lets just say there is a lot of other rubbish going on in my life right now. I could cry at the thought of a pamper day 🙂

So watch this space…

Helen x


March?? March?? What’s going on! Well I’m working like a dog and juggling childcare and the rest – normal working mum stuff I suppose. I recently went on a date with a google adwords expert so watch this space for – if we can work out a way to capture those tired, slightly desperate mums of colicky babies I’ll be reporting exciting NST news very soon!

OK so on to important announcements…

The mumandworking awards will be taking place on October 10 at Brighton Thistle in conjunction with the BusinessMums Summit.

No one needs an excuse to go to Brighton at anytime but this is as good as reason as you mumpreneurs are going to get – get booking xx

Check out these links too

Over and out

Helen x

The one where I look sheepish

*slinks back into the blogsphere with a guilty look…*

OK people I’ve been rubbish, I’ve neglected you, but don’t take it personally I’ve neglected a lot recently – I’ve been finding my feet again after the separation and lost focus. I’ve also been working SO hard at my new ‘day job’ as the holistic therapist at my local beauty salon that I’ve barely had time for anything. Yes, yes I know anyone reading this who hangs out in my local village (I’m hoping none of them do, but no idea how to unlink this from my Facebook since I linked it in) will say I’ve squeezed in plenty of nights there but hey – I’m investing in my social wellbeing being with a tribe.

I won’t go into detail (for reasons mentioned above – never put anything private on Facebook people – learnt that lesson quick) about what’s going on but I will say things amicable with my ex, lots of horrible stuff going on in the background obviously but girls are fine and I am fine and getting lots of support from good friends (and not so much support from others, but hey that’s another story) and I REALLY have to get back into my blogging and of course developing my online businesses. I just need 50 hours in every day and I’ll be fine!

So what’s new with NST? Sales are so disappointing from my website – probably another reason I’ve not been on here shouting from the rooftops – but its the same onld story – I need my autoresponder series professionally writing, my SEO tinkering with (oo-er) My PR being overhauled, articles writing and so on – all take wither time or money – resources in short supply…

On a positive note Amazon sales are going well ticking over at a regular 5 or so a week so this weeks task is getting listed on the smaller sites – and so on – anyone know of any good ones?


…or lack thereof. I’m almost embarrassed by the lack of blog action at the moment – and I can see my stats are right down, I’ve hardly been tweeting and I’m not personal-facebooking at all (long story) but I am planning and plotting for 2011 but what with the snow, the party season and adjusting to life as a single mum I just haven’t been in ‘the zone’. So this is a bit of an apology and I’ll be blogging again soon…(I’ll have to now)

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